MBL 116f radialstrahler

Wow, What a great evening I had with our team Chennai consisting of Rajiv, CaptnRajesh, Sashi & Mohamednasser at Kiran”s house at Holy Triplicane for listening to his latest addition of MBL 116F Radialstrahler Speakers which was purchased from M/s Audio People, Chennai.

Kiran has tastefully decorated his office room cum listening room which was in the ground floor of his residence which has an fantastic wallpaper in the background like sitting in an beach resort… Feel and looks cool.


MBL speakers were made in Germany and everybody knows it is world acclaimed for its omni directional sound with more accuracy in the lows and mids.  MBL 116 is 4 way design and it is almost similar to 101E. In the south india meet we have seen the MBL bookshelves effortlessly played the mids and lows when it paired with Dared Tube amplifier. None of the floor standers played against those were able to withstand itz capacity of free flow of music in lows and mids. The mids were very revealing. More impressive is the huge soundstage.

Kiran has done touch up acoustic treatment wherever possible to an extent. However the wooden walls were vibrating when the music is flowing, so still extra touch of acoustic treatment is required to fully satisfy the MBL speakers.

The chain of Kiran setup is Parasound A21 + MF A5 Pre + Marantz NA7004 + you have to believe he is using Finolex power cables as speaker cables… And he has an tube amp called “four channel ” with EL34 tubes and capable of producing 40W per channel.

The most impressive factor of the MBL 116 is the wide soundstage and 3 dimensional sound + superb mid + lows & highs.

When we first started playing the Alan Taylor song and the room was filling and had wide soundstage with extra bass and boomy and with slight adjustment the bass was controlled.

The MBL 116 is very revealing and it effortlessly throw the mids and lows very clearly and when it is paired with MF A5 pre the detail were more and more musical flavor is added. However when the Parasound A21  is connected directly it could give an natural sound and adding an tube pre in the chain can end up giving required final flavor.  However the digital sound lovers will find the Parasound with A5 shall be best. We tried a little bit with Naim DAC and it adds more color to the presentation.

The MBL 116f is not an bright speaker but it is revealing the music and the mids were reproduced more clearly and in lows as Rajiv highlighted in the track of Grandma’s Hands the foot stomps were heard very clearly and we could understood how low MBL could go and it is amazing.

We introduced the four channel tube amp with EL34 tubes into the chain in place of A21 and wow the sound is so natural and the tube signature is completely there with thumping bass and connect the heart immediately with natural mids and lows and with slightly rolled off highs. If replaced with KT88 it can perform more Control and more richer.







I could see with some more room treatment and slight experiment in cable change + adding an tube pre  Kiran will be permanently settling with the MBL 116f as final speakers on his Stereo quest. On the end of the session we had brief chat and went home thanking Kiran for giving us an opportunity to listen his speakers.





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